The Dalton Green Project

Spreading Joy Through Music

The Dalton Green Project is a collaboration of like minded people.  The project is designed to bring local independent musicians, along with touring independent and unsigned musicians, to give them a platform to share their craft.  The project is dedicated to providing a quality product, sharing the profits with the community, and promoting artists that share their time, energy, and love for their craft.

People always say to do what you love, because it will give you more satisfaction than doing something else just for more money.  My love of music has taken me on an interesting journey.  I have had a chance to see legends in concert, as well as interview some of these legends.  My love of music goes so deep, it is often hard to describe.  The journey started as  a little boy when I heard James Brown’s tune, ain’t it funky now.  Once I went down that path, there was no turning back.  I want to help expose musicians that are not a household name, and give them a vehicle to share their love.  Maybe this journey might  grab a few  young people, and at the same time, send them down a similar path to the one that started when I heard ain’t it funky now.